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The town of Marmaris is located at the meeting place of the Aegean and Mediterrenean seas, on the world’s largest natural harbour, surrounded by pine-clad hills. Situated in southwest Turkey, in the province of Mugla, Marmaris is one of Turkey’s biggest tourist resorts.
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Bodrum, Turkey's gateway to world tourism, is a unique place. Various races with differing cultures, religions and languages have lived here, often together, since times immemorial.
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The land of lights, where the torrent of civilizations created in the time tunnel and gliding from inaccessible summits of wild Taurus Mountains meet to the foamy dark blue water of Mediterranean .
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With its fine crystal sand, shallow turquoise sea and abundant sunshine, Iztuzu beach is the ideal seaside spot, perfect for swimming for 7 months of the year. It is this beach to which the endangered Mediterranean turtle Caretta Caretta has returned year after year to lay its eggs since time immemorial.
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The Antalya Region, offering all the mysticism of past in our day, is now called the "Turkish Riviera" due to its archaeological and natural beauties. Antalya is the place where sea, sun, history and nature constitute a perfect harmony and which also includes the most beautiful and clearest coast along the Medditerranean.
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It became a town in 1991. It is a peninsula surrounded by Mugla and Akbuk in the east, the Aegean Sea in the south, the Bafa Lake and the Meander River in the north.         There are a lot of historical places to visit such as ancient cities Didyma, Miletos and Priene.
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Kusadasi means "Bird Island" and the town takes its name from the little island (whose name in Turkish means "Pigeon" or "Dove Island") that is in the harbor and is now connected by a causeway to the shore. Accommodations are what Kusadasi really stars in and there are numerous hotels, motels, and holiday villages located in and around the town that cater to every taste and pocket.
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