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Kusadasi means "Bird Island" and the town takes its name from the little island (whose name in Turkish means "Pigeon" or "Dove Island") that is in the harbor and is now connected by a causeway to the shore.

Accommodations are what Kusadasi really stars in and there are numerous hotels, motels, and holiday villages located in and around the town that cater to every taste and pocket. Thanks to the marina and good harbor, Kusadasi is a favorite calling place for yachts and tour vessels with the result that there are many good shopping opportunities to be found.

In Kusadasi ,your have the perfect mix of Eastern mysticism and modern western technology that is one of the reason why Kusadasi is a shopper paradise and why shopping remains on of the top tourists attraction.

Kusadasi is one of those remarkable place where shopping is a not just a journey around shops its more like a journey for your personal again. You will enjoy the fun of bargaining whit smiling salesman speaking many languages negotiating for their goods no matters facilities your will fell at home here .

Shopping is high on most Kusadasi itineraries and deservedly so competitive prices open bazaars an top class facilities all help make your spending spree a memorable experience. 

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