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Fethiye reminds most of us of; Oludeniz. The world famous and one of the most beautiful wonders in the world Oludeniz , worth travelling miles and miles, for the turquoise blue waters wonderful lagoon. The crystal pure water of Oludeniz is so clean that it is almost cleaner than the water you drink at home -if we omit the salt!.

Oludeniz is 12 kms. from Fethiye. Here, with all kinds of water sports (canoe, surf, skiing, banana, parachute), you can also play beach-volley. The place which is called the Blue Lagoon is a National Park, which is fee-paid passing.

Fethiye, has a wonderful historical wealth. It's not only the far history, but also the near history. In the far history, some of the civilisations which ruled Fethiye Region, are Lycian, Roman civilisations. In the near history, (before 1. world war.)

in the village called Kaya or Kayaköy (Karmylassos), Greek people used to live in peace under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. In January 30 1923, there was a population exchange agreement between Turkish - Greek governments. According to this agreement, the Greek people living in Turkey would be sent to Greece and the Turkish people in Greece would be sent to Turkey. Later on, the big earthquakes that shake Fethiye Region (especially the one in 1957), really damaged the houses…



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